Let the journey begin…

The purpose of this blog is to record my personal journey from semi-hoarding to minimalism but you are welcome to watch my progress and help me pursue minimalism. Hopefully, my journey will inspire yours to commence.

So your next question would probably be,

what is semi-hoarding?

I considered myself as a semi-hoarder at the beginning of this journey because when you think of a hoarder, typically you would think of a person who is over-obsessively collecting things. They collect everything, every damn thing. They stuff their living space with newspapers, cardboards, tin cans, bottles, old furnitures, old broken electronics, sentimental photo albums, name cards, brochures, flyers etc. You name it, they have it.  I am NOT like that. Absolutely NOT. I don’t collect things just for the sake of collecting.

When I say that I am a semi-hoarder, I really mean that I find it hard to let things go. I like to purchase interesting items and tend to forget about it after awhile. They will end up get hidden in my drawers or closets being untouched. And, I find it hard to let the “just-in-case” items go because I am trying to avoid having to repurchase the same item again in the future when I do really need it. It is pretty unnecessary to repurchase things that you would probably use again when you think of it – well, that is probably the mentality most semi-hoarders have.

I did not realize I was actually a semi-hoarder until I started to feel sick – literally nauseous when I saw my overflowing closet, and the fact that my husband pointed it out for a few times.

Don’t you dare to call me a hoarder!” – that’s my first respond to my husband… inside my head.

I was quite offended by it because hoarders are normally people who we see on TV shows, reality show, or even on the news occasionally with their house filled with rubbish and stuff that they don’t need and leaving no room for normal daily activities (i.e. dining on a sturdy flat table, free space between bed and the bedroom door, a couch or chair to sit and relax – you get the picture) You could literally feel suffocated and the filthiness.

But as I was going through my belonging and stuff that I had on this journey to minimalism, I agreed with my husband. I was almost like a hoarder – not extreme to the extend that we see on TV but enough to categorize myself as a semi-hoarder.

The upcoming blog post will reveal the reason why I chose minimalism.