Why did I choose to pursue minimalism?

Where do I start?

Was it the never-ending house chores?

Was it the constant frustration of having toys scattered on the floor?

Was it the over-flowing closet that made me feel nauseous?

Yes, yes, and yes!  Those are definitely part of the reasons.

Perhaps the initial thought of minimalism started to flow into my mind when I realized that I was spending so much time doing things, and I feel like these “things” are holding me back from spending time with my two young daughters and husband.

I did NOT like that. My daughters were 4 and 1.5 year old, and they were in a very crucial developmental stages where they really needed my constant care and attention. It was also important for me to be able to witness and be part of their childhood. I have decided that I need to do something about it.

I started to research on mothers’ time management skills and home organization tips on the internet. Found quite some helpful articles while browsing on Pinterest. Then, I started to follow people on instagram and facebook who share related content as well.

Being bilingual in English and Chinese, it’s a natural thing to also research related content in Chinese. And I stumbled upon a Chinese translated Japanese book called, 沒有時間才更要學的理家術 (The must-learn home management skills especially when you are running out of time) by 尾崎友吏子 (Yuriko Osaki). 

yuriko osaki book

I was immediately attracted to the book just by reading the cover.

It states,

“A working mother of three’s method to make housework and house budgeting simple.”  

“Help your busy self to create a simple and easy life without being chased after by housework!” 

It was totally what I needed, and I could not stop reading the book once I got it on hand. Indeed, it is very well written. (unfortunately, I haven’t found an English translated version of this book! ) The book turned out not writing about time management or home organization but it was an introduction of minimalism.

The entire book covered the steps and tips to minimalism for every rooms in the house, and then it moves on to meals, lifestyle, budgeting, etc. It was extremely helpful and minimalism was just very attractive and ideal to me at that time, being a semi-hoarder who suffers from dissatisfaction of my life and who even feels sick seeing the clutters I have accumulated in every corner of my home.

I have started to become very interested in the topic of minimalism ever since.

And that’s how I have started my journey to minimalism.

Stay tuned to find out about more about how did I get started!







2 thoughts on “Why did I choose to pursue minimalism?

  1. Thanks for an interesting post….
    Having lived on the East coast of the US with a wife and two children, minimalism was a word used only when the children were served vegetables. Living in a small cabin in the wilderness of Northern Alaska for 14 years has honed my minimalistic skills to a fine point. Now back in civilization I wonder how people can live with all the ‘stuff’ they have accumulated.


    1. Hi Pete!

      Thanks for your comment. I totally have the same point of view as you. It is definitely hard to make the first step towards minimalism. I have always been collecting stuff and never realized it has put me into pain instead of providing happiness. Please stay tuned to my later posts about how I made my first step.

      Thanks again! Please do share some of your experiences on minimalism. It would be such a delight to hear them.


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